Chapter 12 WIP (Release Party)

Whats been done for chapter 12(v0.C)

I have added:

    226 images

    6 animations

    5 replay areas

    6 gallery images

    496 dialogue blocks, containing 6,041 words and 32,196 characters for a total of 6,795 dialogue blocks, containing 93,584 words and 486,577 characters.

I will be back on the 29th August with updates for the next chapter when I'm ready to start rendering for it.

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just finish. it was awosome. love lou and the fact that still have time for Julie & ichika. in the next chapper if it is posible. a little more of mamma Apple i just love her. exelente chapper like always mustard. love U ❤️

Thanks for the new Chapter. 

I guess you go on vacation, so I want to wish you a good holiday and lots of fun.

not so much a vacation, but just taking a break before I start on the next chapter.


enjoy !!