A downloadable Sexy Visual Novel NSFW for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

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A Renpy Visual Novel.

A young man awakes after a very bad car accident to discover that his life is going to change forever. Follow along as his story unfolds.

This is an X-rated novel and Not Safe For Work.

It is still very much a work in progress. I have the story written out to chapter 18 with a few ideas for more after that. The longest part is rendering the images.

Give me some feedback and let me know what you think of this novel!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(173 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
TagsAdult, android, Erotic, NSFW, nudity, Porn, sex, wip
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityBlind friendly


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when will there be an update or is the games finished

I am just finishing up an update on my other VN, I will back working on this one by next month!

what is the other VN

This one (will be updated next week Monday)


How to set Chinese

there is no Chinese translation 

Okay, thank you

Hmmm. the idea to make a porn game and then skip over sex scenes and instead of that copy paste 10 weddings in a row might not have been the best one... over all it could be sexier

Other than that it's solid for the Genre and has a decent amount of content, so take that as Feedback and not a complaint :)

Is it animated? and is there any plans for a soundtrack of some sort?

Thank you

yes there are some simple animations. no plans for a soundtrack

Wait for your new update I will ply the game when u complete it to ch 18 untill then I have saved up this game .keep up the good work

I have written up to chapter 20 (well half of a chapter 20) so far.

I am mean untill u complete the game

i'm playing this again for like 6 time and i love Every second of it. can't wait for chap. 15 still don't play your New Game oh lord Bad ketchup. so maybe i'll do that in the mid time (sorry bout My English My first lenguaje it's spanish) 

(1 edit)

Planeo comenzar a trabajar en el capítulo quince en noviembre.

Debería terminar el capítulo tres de "2 Sides" la próxima semana y publicarlo antes de finales de octubre.

Me alegra que hayas disfrutado mi historia.


and, No, google translate

I downloaded Chapter 15 update #7 but when I load my saved game at the end of 14 it still does not move on to chapter 15.


Chapter 15 has not yet been released, those are just the development logs about the progress on the new release, they only have the download for the latest release(currently only Chapter14).

Chapter 15 should be out after the new year.

Great Story, Wish there was More of it But People always want more no matter what it is.
Good job with the Story,the Girls and all.
rate 4.25 stars

Thank you, I am working on the next chapter already about halfway through with making the images.

no Problem Your doing a great job with your VN.

Thank you, glad you like it.

Just out of curiosity do you know how many chapters there will be total in this game?

currently I have up to chapter 17 completely written and I am working on 18, but that has been slow as I have also been writing another VN. right now there is no set number of chapter just for this VN...

looking at comment activity and seeing its still in progress, makes me wanna download it, i hope its as good as it sounds like it should be


Naaahh it's probably crap, but I am working on chapter 14 currently ;)

aight bet, i love when devs actually care enough to interact

I kind of started out here with this VN almost 3 years ago, so I come back often.

well atleast we know the game is just called almost dead and your desire to work on it isnt almost dead... sorry i had to lol

I would have to! 😄

I love to see you so active in your comments, I'm going to download now and tell you what I think later.


Thank you


any info for next update ? thx 


Yes I will be starting the next chapter in June (I'm taking a break now)



 i start your new game then ! ( enjoy your brake ) 

Is there supposed to be sound in this game?  For some reason I hear nothing even when it's not muted or turned down and yes sound works in other games and on PC just fine, just not in Almost Dead.

no there are no sounds except a music track playing in the main menu.

That's why they have music channels.

Is there additional story added between C & D?

No but I will be working on a new chapter hopefully in June

Something you did in AD made me curious. There are a couple of scenes where GuoQiu and GuoAi are talking to each other, and you spell out their Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) speech in the dialogue using English letters -- sort of a phonetic spelling. I don't think I've ever seen this done before, and it gave me some idea of the sound of their conversation. What made you decide to use such an interesting "halfway" between Chinese and English here? Cheers!


It's actually pinyin "The official Romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese in China, and to some extent, in Singapore and Malaysia. It is often used to teach Mandarin, normally written in Chinese form, to learners already familiar with the Latin alphabet." 


My wife does that for me, since my Chinese is crap. She suggested it so people wouldn't be so put off at seeing the Chinese characters since everything else would be in English.

Thanks for the info! I'm not put off by Chinese characters, but since I don't read them, you're right -- they wouldn't have communicated anything to me. With the pinyin, at least I got more of a sense of a conversation going on, because I recognized the letters, Smart wife you've got there! Definitely hang on to her! :-) Be well!

well this will be interesting - as I speak both English and Mandarin Chinese!


My wife did all the pinyin for me, so if there are any mistakes, I know who to blame.

(1 edit) (+1)

Tried installing Chapter 13 apk and got an error message saying "package conflicts with existing package."


you will have to uninstall the previous version

That fixed it!  Thanks!

You're welcome


I've got the same problem except I already tried unistalling the last version

Absolutely Perfect and congrats to you BadMustard I am very proud of have ben on this journey with you.


There is still more to come. But in a few months...

Sounds great to Me ^^  Any excuse to see more of the lovely ladies is a good one <3


i was perfect. can't wait for the next part i know ill have to wait but i gonna play this versión like 3 Or 4 times again.


Thank you very much.

Take your time playing it again, it will be a few months.

What happened to the android version?

Computer problems should be uploaded in a few hours, sorry!

Great, maybe next time that this happens you could leave the old version, I thought that you stop supporting Android with out saying anything. Many VN upload the android version later leaving the old version so I'm use to wait. 

I would hate for somebody to come expecting a new version and down the old version, but the new android version is uploading now.

Now that you mentione it I can see more people downloading the previous version and then complain that people in my case that verifying everytime that the file is recently uploaded. 

Then a better option is to add a little text on the dev log that the android version is pending. 

The pc version dont start the chapter 13 it end at the chap.12.

How do we play chap 13?

13 is still being developed (the "WIP" in the title of the blog posts may give a hint ^^)

Currently, I am still working on the images for chapter 13

Just out of curiosity but how many chapters is this game going to have total? Love this game so much can't wait for more amazing content!

So far, I have 15 complete chapters written. But I will be taking a break to work on another VN after I have completed this chapter

Is there a date to when will be add the new chapters?

I should have all the images completed this week, and I'm hoping for a new release next week!





Alright, Fight Club and Nine Inch Nails references in one scene. This dev is on my level. 🤣

Not everybody catches my references, but there are a lot of them in the story.

Show post...

Can you realese a mobile support for the game?

There already is an Android port of the game in the downloads.

Show post...


you're welcome

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I dunno why but when i tried playing it the logo at the beggining was stuck and im unable to move on. Id appreciate any help on how to fix it it looks like an enjoyable game pity

Try pressing and holding the shift key when starting the program and selecting a different renderer and disabling the other options there when the menu comes up

Its like that the button panels dont show up

it looks like you're using an android phone. Make sure there is enough free space on the phone for the game to run. All else failing it might not be able to run on your phone.

10GB free space

Personally after making the new chapter I do feel like the prettiest chapter should be longer with some of the other chapters sprinkled in at the end personally because I feel you can get by these chapters a little bit too quickly especially if you spam click through the dialogue

Hey it says Chapter 13 but when I download all it plays through is part of chapter 6? Or am I missing something?

Chapter 13 is still in progress but you should be able to play through Chapter 12. If you are loading an old save, I suggest starting a new game. If you continue to have the problem, please let me know unless you're on a Mac, I have no way to test that.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, apparently I had a old copy or something and never updated it. Also thanks for the fun game!!


No troubles

Glad you are enjoying the game!

i realy like this one, but sometimes it kinda creeps me out when they have no facial expression 😅

Is there anal scene?

yes there are optional anal scenes

Just out of curiosity sake how long will the completed game be and will it be free or do you have to buy it?


Right now, it is unknown how long the complete game will be.

It will be free (but do take donations).

any femdom in this game and character name, please?


There are none

Just finished this, though I usually prefer more choices (personal preference is more toward a game), this has to be one of the best stories I have read. Cudos on this and keep up the good work.

Thank you very much. I`have been leaning more towards a story than a game on this.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Have you played Chasing Sunsets? That also has a fantastic story and some of the best renders in the industry? I'm luving the direction this story is going so far!

I have heard of it but I have not played, it would take away from me making my game.

Thank you.

Hey iv got a problem i fully closed the app down while it was i na replay scene and now its stuck going thought all the story after the replay scene after the scene finished the exit button dosent work and i dont know if i should uninstall and re install the game because i dont know if i will lose my progress. Can anyone help

Try right-clicking on the screen and see if there is an option to exit replay in the menu (on the left). If renpy is in replay mode, that should show. If it's not there, then you are in normal play, you should try to load an older saved game.

Im on android i cant right-click the screen and the game took away all the options on the right exept the exit replay button which is glitched

Okay, wow I just tried the same thing on my phone and it breaks renpy.  I went tap crazy just to get to the end of the game, after that everything was fine. I don't know if re-installing it would fix the problem, since renpy creates a special save game that is loaded when the game restarted. I don't know where the saved games are stored in android, so I got nothing for you man, sorry.

Its alright i guess ill just hope the save is in the phone storage

Great Update, felt a bit short but... Quality takes time. 

Over all the game is outstanding. The Characters and the enviorement is unique designed and it shows the love that is put into the VN.

Thank you very much!

It could be because of the alternate scenes, if you reject Lucy you will see one of them in this chapter

Deleted 1 year ago

Are you sure you have the right game?

(1 edit)

sorry i tend to ask stuff before i look, i figured it out

btw i really like this game ya did som mighty fine work on this ;) 

No troubles.

Thank you very much.


I love all the incest in this game, and i know the fact it's not the player character and his family member that is likely allowing you to keep Pateron income, but I'd love for an aunt or cousin of MC to turn up and get added to the harem.


You'll want to hang around for the next novel!!


I think I love you haha

But in all seriousness, that's fantastic to hear. Take your time with Almost Dead, that's still amazing. Also, in your incest game, the more family members you can fuck the better :D I only said Aunt and cosuin because the MC in this game have no living immediate family, so Aunt and Cousin would be the only real options.




My dude, my guy, I'm a huge fan of full incest games where you can get your full blooded mom and sisters pregnant (and other female relatives too), or fuck and creampie them at least even if pregnancy isn't in the game yet or at all. Family Venture and Tales From The Unending Void are two really good examples.
But yea, I'm in favour of creampies for mom sisters aunts cousins, and grandmothers depending on the various character ages. Grandmas House is a good game for that.
Step family incest isn't terrible, but it's not great. It always feels like the game has been censored. Which to be fair is sometimes the actual case. But that can be typically fixed with official patches that restore content by changing the script of what what the player reads and what the characters all say etc.  Grandmas House is again a good example of that. 

Depth's Revival has a patch/mod that changes the script and adds in incest scenes that had to be cut because they couldn't be changed from family without changing the story completely.

The worst thing you could do is go down the Landlady and Housemate route, where your mom is your "landlandy" and your sisters are your "housemates". It's painful to play and read and just annoys everyone. Everyone knows it's a censored incest game. Stories that use this "workaround" make no sense because they're typically obviously written first with full incest then changed after, making everything weird. There's no taboo about wanting to fuck your hot landlady or housemates. Why are you do loyal to your landlady and housemates? So much stuff is just stupid. 

But I've ranted enough for one comment haha. 

My point is, if you can and are willing to, I'd be delighted to play a game by you where you get to fuck and cum in all your female relatives, and any other characters you have in the story. And ideally get them pregnant as some point. Oh, I say all, but I personally don't enjoy playing games where you're the father and you go after your daughters.


What I'm planning it more of a kinetic novel, not so much a game. But it just about the brother and his stepsister. I will be telling it uniquely, I think. I have all the dialogue written already and the renpy script roughed out, it just needs an ass load of images rendered for it.


If an Aunt/cousin did appear, it could open up the possibility that Father was a bit incestuous too. Cousin could also be half-sister.

I just did the math on Julie and Lucy.  According to Julie's story, they're 7 or 8 years apart.  So at 16, Julie was banging her 8 year old half sister.  Pedo-incest!

The math will be adjusted to 4 years because ("A person must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia"). So at 16 Julie would be banging her 12(girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11) year old half sister.

And why are you doing math while reading this VN?

LOL!  In my defense it took 5 or 6 playthroughs for me to notice it.

Mustard, I could sit here and criticise the unreal things about your game but the truth of the matter is this:  I keep coming back to play it again and again because it's a story and not a game.  It's become a favorite book to re-read on a regular basis.  The fact that asians and redheads push my buttons helps a lot, too! 

Thanks and eagerly looking forward to the next chapter!

I can't even count the number of times I have played this, and I never noticed it. 

I have used my literary/artistic license on more than a few occasions, but hey, this VN in not about reality.

Thank you.

I did just last week hit the halfway point for making the images at 372++  so I'm on the downwards slope to finishing this chapter which will be the biggest chapter (for images and text) so far. Maybe another 3 months and I will release the new chapter!


I'm currently playing the new chapter (11), and I just want to restate my love and appreciation at how openly and frequently all the characters say "I love you" to each other. Especially MC, far too many Harem games have all the girls say they love MC but nearly never have MC say I love you to his girls. 

This game is so sweet and wholesome, and very very sexy. 

Speaking of sexy, I'd also like to restate my love for how many of the girls have hairy pussys.

Also, the story is still a great as ever. 

Fantastic update, but fuck me did it feel way way too short


If you want to see more, try the new chapter without Lucy and Charlie. (bonus scene with A)

WHAT you want me to reject a girl? GTFO.


Thank you, that means a lot to me!

I will have to say that for all of the VNs that I have watched, this one is by far the best one. The storyline is crisp and the characters are very relatable to the MC and the dialogue is fantastic. There are a few spelling errors in some of the dialogue, but nothing that a review wouldn't fix. I will say that I love the drop ins from other shows/movies such as "Serenity" and others. I laughed when I caught those Easter eggs and just smiled and said to myself, "Oh, they took that one from....". All in all, this is a very well put together novel and I am looking forward to your next "Chapter" of this fantastic event. Keep up the fantastic work. Keep us posted on the new development.

Thank you very much!!

If you spot an error, please do point it out as the editor and I have gone over the dialogue (we're human after all) and some things slip past us.

I do enjoy working lines from movies, tv shows and music in to the story!!

There are DevLog updates here, twitter, discord and Patreon every Monday. This coming Monday will be 6 weeks working on chapter 11.

I'll go back through it again when I have time this week and find the spelling that I saw in my first go through and write its location down so you can go directly to it. Thanks for reading my review and submissions. You guys keep kicking it. You're doing a fantastic job. All my best.


this is one of My fv harem content i ever read/play its just perfect. every carácter its awesome. waiting for the next part. (btw sorry if my English its not perfect. hablo español.)

Thank you, I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Currently, I am about half way finished with the next chapter, so maybe another 5-6 weeks to finish.

(Solo entiendo el español que Google traduce para mí.)

i litteraly just finish My re-play of the Game XD just loveit that much. i know its your story but! more drama with the bitch of sicka and more kid!! oh and more A scream time. XD ok ill stop. amazin Game. 10/10 can't wait for more. 

Thank you :)


Oh, important thing I'd like to praise, I love how most of the girls have hairy pussies. That is so rare. most games most girls are completely shaved and there would be a few not shaved but there'd be barely any hair. Glad this game is different




One thing I find kinda funny is how the MC is supposed to be Irish, but looks very Chinese or Korean. Obviously people of all backgrounds can be Irish or any other nationality, but I just find it funny. Especially when MC is shown to not speak Mandarin very well.

I really hope I'm not sounding racist or anything. Also, this specific actor is whose face i keep expecting to see; Ji-Hoon Pyo.


Maybe just a little since you're basing his ethnicity from his skin color and hair (but everybody seems to be doing that) and that's partly my fault I chose a crappy skin for him and I had limited hair options when I started and now if just a bit of a running joke for me at least.😄

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